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Late Night Cocktails & Secret Bars

The Highlights

Check Bubble What’s Featured: Visit 4 of the finest cocktail bars in Toronto including 2 on the top 10 list.

Food The Food & Drink: 4 Artisanal Cocktails along with a late night Chinatown Feast

Map Marker Meeting Point: Northeast corner of Dundas St. & Ossington Ave

Calendar Time: Every second Saturday from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Clock Duration: 4 hours


Discover Toronto’s latest drink trends

When darkness falls, a whole new world springs to life as the bar scene comes alive. Step into the secret bars of the city as we embark on a late night drink tour curated by a chef and a bar owner.

Are you a classic cocktail drinker or do you prefer something a little more exotic? Taste a bacon-infused cedar-smoked old-fashioned, and visit a cocktail bar affectionately known as “the pineapple” to the locals, where there is no such thing as a cocktail menu, and they just make it up as they go. Hang out at a speakeasy and visit a secret bar in one of the city’s hippest neighbourhoods. End the night with a veritable late night feast in Chinatown at a local hangout frequented by off-duty chefs and bartenders.

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