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Perfectly Paired – Indulge in Wine + Cheese + Chocolate

The Highlights

Check Bubble What’s Featured: Discover new and old world wines. Learn the story of chocolate from bean to bar. Understand the cheese making process, styles and aging.

Food The Food & Drink: Pair Candian wines, chocolates, and cheeses

Map Marker Meeting Point: The Peasant Table, 782 Queen Street East

Calendar Time: Selected Sundays at 1:00 pm

Clock Duration: 3 hours


Discover the ins and outs of wine, cheese and chocolate pairing

Indulge yourself in the three simple pleasures that stimulate the senses, tickle the taste buds and please the palate. Wine. Cheese. Chocolate. Learn how each one is made, the dos and don’ts of pairings, proper tasting methods, and terminology – but most of all, how to enjoy each of these classic favourites separately or together. Gain an understanding of flights, vertical tastings and how to make the perfect cheese board. This is a fun-filled way to spend an afternoon and enhance your culinary education.

Cheers to cheese, chocolate, and wine!

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