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Oyster Shucking

The Highlights

Check Bubble What’s Featured: Learn all about oysters from cultivation to table

Food The Food & Drink: Pair 4-6 varieties of oysters with champagne, craft beer, Ontario wine and cocktails. Taste the famous cooked Oysters Rockefeller.

Map Marker Meeting Point: The Peasants Table 782 Queen Street East

Calendar Time: Selected Sundays at 1:00 pm

Clock Duration: 3.5 hours


Taste oysters from coast to coast

Jonathan Swift is quoted as having said, “He was a bold man that first ate an oyster,” but evidence of oyster consumption goes back to prehistoric times. Oysters were an important food source in all coastal areas where they could be found, and oyster fisheries formed an important industry when they were plentiful. Like a fine wine, raw oysters have complex flavors that vary greatly among varieties and regions: salty, briny, buttery, metallic, or even fruity. Join us as we learn all about these tasty bivalves. Learn how to select, store, shuck, prepare, eat and even cook oysters from both the east and west coasts. With 18 oysters each to perfect your shucking skills, you can impress your friends by preparing this elegant appetizer. Pair the oysters with spirits, champagne, white wine, craft beer, and cocktails. Take the fun home with your very own Oyster Knife. Show your friends what a talented mother shucker you are.

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