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BBQ Class – Smokin’ 101 “The Art of Slow & Low”

The Highlights

Check Bubble What’s Featured: Chef Scott & pitmaster Jason Rees of the Pork Ninja’s Competition BBQ Team and owner of Earlscourt BBQ share the secrets of real southern BBQ.

Food The Food & Drink: Brisket, Chicken, Ribs and Pork Butt paired with 3 Ontario craft beers

Map Marker Meeting Point: Earlscourt BBQ, 1278 St. Clair West

Calendar Time: Mondays every other month at 6 p.m.

Clock Duration: 3.5 hours


Master the art of BBQ and Smoking – slow and low

Take your backyard BBQ game up a notch with our Smoking 101 class! Learn the art of low and slow BBQ from Jason Rees, international, award-winning pitmaster, chef/owner of Earlscourt BBQ and self-proclaimed “pork ninja” Jason will cover the entire smoking process as well as different types of smokers, woods, and charcoals while telling stories about life in the kitchen and BBQ circuit. Learn how to cook ribs, chicken, brisket, pork butt and more. Master the art of brining and injecting and get tips and tricks to help you get a perfect smoke ring. The best part about this class is sampling all of the flavourful meat we cooked during this interactive workshop, along with local craft beers and Ontario wine. This class will have you smoking like a true pitmaster!

Let’s get smokin’!

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